A new generation of red flag H7 will be put into production in May 2020

Before we learned from relevant channels, the new generation of red flag H7 (parameter | inquiry) will be put into production in May 2020, powered by 4GC20TD three generations of engines, of which the high-power version of the peak torque of 380 Nm, transmission system matching The DCT400 dual-clutch gearbox has an acceleration time of 0-100km/h of less than 8 seconds.

“The new red flag H7 side design line that was exposed before”

Previously, we had exposed the appearance of the new red flag H7, which was shown in an official promotional video of the first section of the First Red Sea. Combined with the side design lines of the new Red Flag H7 released earlier by the official, the details of the two are completely consistent. Compared with the current model, the new H7 has a more distinctive shape. The slender and square front has a more vertical front grille, which is quite impressive. At the same time, the new car has a smoother roof and C-pillar lines, as well as a compact trunk section.

“The new red flag H7 front face design that was previously exposed”

『E·境GT concept car』

As the representative of the third generation of the Red Flag H series, the front face of the new Red Flag H7 includes a straight waterfall medium mesh and a central red trim strip in addition to the U-shaped grille trim. Among them, the red trim on the front is the latest form of the red flag of the red flag. It has been adopted on the H5/HS5 and other models. While paying tribute to the classic flag of the red flag, the flat processing also provides protection for pedestrians. Guarantee.

“The new red flag H7 tail design that was exposed before”

In the rear part of the car, the new design language will mainly emphasize the inspiration from the trunk trim of the Tiananmen Tower, which will connect the taillights arranged vertically on both sides, and together with the arc on the trunk lid, outline the tail. The layering. Judging from the exposure map of this exposure, these new design languages will appear on the new Red Flag H7 in the future.

In terms of power, the latest information shows that the new red flag H7 will be equipped with 4GC20TD three-generation engine, of which the high-power version of the model has a peak torque of 380 Nm, and the transmission system matches the DCT400 dual-clutch gearbox. The 0-100km/h acceleration time is less than 8 second. In addition, the low-power version of the new Red Flag H7 will also use the same gearbox.