AMD will push its new Ryzen processor to laptops later this year

AMD has announced that some of the more Ryzen processors will hit later this year, including laptops focusing on mobile Ryzen processors, the Ryzen “Threadripper” for high-end desktop PCs and budget Ryzen 3 lines, as pointed out by Liliputing.

AMD released the first Ryzen processors earlier this year and saw a major leap in the company’s CPU offerings, which actually provide meaningful competition for Intel’s popular Core i5 and i7 models in terms of price and performance.

The mobile Ryzen series, codenamed “Raven Ridge,” will be AMD’s so-called APU – an “accelerated processing unit” that combines a CPU and an integrated GPU into a single chip (similar to the way Intel CPUs provide integrated Intel HD graphics). Like the desktop Ryzen processor, the mobile CPU component will be a quad-core 8-threaded chip based on the same “Zen” architecture. AMD expects to launch a variety of notebook-shaped mobile Ryzen APUs in the second half of 2017, from ultra-portable computers to gaming consoles.

On the other hand, the upcoming Ryzen Threadripper will be released in the summer. It still has the same Zen architecture as the rest of the Ryzen family, but the Threadripper will be a CPU with up to 16 cores and 32 threads – in contrast, the high-end Ryzen 7 offers 8 cores and 16 threads. Threadripper doesn’t have a message about price yet, but considering the high-end features of the processor, it may not be cheap.

Finally, AMD confirmed that the Ryzen 3 processor is still expected to be used later in 2017. Ryzen 3 is designed to fill the low end of the product lineup and compete with Intel’s Core i3 chip – just like the intention of Ryzen 5 with Intel’s Core The i5 model competes, and the Ryzen 7 competes with the Core i7 processor.