Battle of the Kings: Samsung S10+ benchmark iPhone XS Max

Every generation of Samsung mobile phone release will have many people compare it with the iPhone’s latest flagship mobile phone, which also brings a lot of reference value to ordinary users, but in the face of the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series mobile phone, it has made many people It shows the sigh of “true excellence”! Today, we will let the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and iPhoneXSMax compete to see who is the “machine emperor” worthy of the user?


Product positioning difference

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ and iPhoneXSMax are the top flagship models of their respective brands. In terms of price, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series also has the Folder series of high-end machines as the 10,000 yuan class, while the iPhoneXSMax is also at the beginning of the sale, which also occupies more than 10,000 yuan. Product pricing, but with the emergence of supply chain, system bugs, Apple officially made some price cuts, but this does not seem to stop consumers from choosing other brands.

Especially after the release of Samsung Galaxy S10+, more black technology it has seems to be more popular, not only allows users to have the flagship experience, but also allows users to enjoy more real daily application experience.

Both mobile phones can be said to lead the design development of the mobile phone industry, especially the design of the screen part has attracted other brands to rush to learn. However, after several years of development, we can understand that the iPhone is still the design of Liu Haiping, and Samsung is constantly innovating its own exclusive opening technology.


First of all, we can see from the front that the Samsung Galaxy S10+ lighting screen is obviously more intense than the iPhoneXSMax color. If you turn on the WQHD+ resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ will display more HD. If you compare the game interface, we can see it. The display is more vivid than the iPhoneXSMax. Of course, all of this is credited to the Samsung Galaxy S10+’s unique DynamicAMOLED display.


In the top screen design, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ uses the “Infinity-O” solution, and the iPhoneXSMax still uses the middle Liu Haiping design. The screen share of the former can reach 93.1%, while the latter is 82.9%. The latter design will not only bring some bad experience to the user’s look and feel, in the actual operation, the iPhoneXSMax bangs screen can not be manipulated, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ “Infinity-O” program will not affect everyone. Touch usage.

In terms of interface, Samsung Galaxy S10+ adopts USBType-C interface, and the bottom adopts symmetrical design scheme. In addition to the noise reduction at the bottom of the speaker, it also retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is more advantageous than Bluetooth in listening to music. ! Of course, Samsung also comes standard with an AKG headset in the box, and for iPhoneXSMax users, it is a nightmare to mention the headset purchase! First of all, the dedicated Lightning high-quality headphones are more expensive when buying headphones. If you choose aripods, it will bring even worse sound quality. So for music experts, it is recommended to start with Samsung GalaxyS10+!

·Endurance test comparison

The battery life is also the most concerned issue for everyone. Especially for the iPhoneXSMax and Samsung Galaxy S10+ phones, although they all have large batteries, the battery is optimized and system-level in the case of large screen power consumption. Endurance optimization has become a particularly important factor.

By testing and comparing the battery life of the two, we found that although the iPhone has been talking about system-level system resource calls, it is constantly killing the background process, but it is still difficult to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S10+. For example, when playing games, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ can still control the relationship between power and fever, but the iPhoneXSMax will have a hot problem after multiple rounds of games. Personally think that A12 has improved the smoothness of iPhoneXSMax in use, but there is still some lack of heat treatment. Samsung Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with a good cooling system, has a very strong strength in optimization.


·Camera comparison

The iPhoneXSMAX camera’s main camera uses a 12 million dual-camera combination, and its more exciting imaging is based on the application of the A12 biomimetic technology. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ uses a 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens + a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens + a 12-megapixel telephoto lens for three-shot solution. Of course, it also has ISP optimized performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 core level. So as the two kings of the IOS and Android platforms, who will be better when taking pictures? CommentbyMicrosoftOffice users: complement each camera’s features

Samsung GalaxyS10+ shooting

From the comparison of the proofs during the day, we can see that the overall quality of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is more translucent, and the brand name of the neighborhood is brighter. In the intricate branches, we can see that the green leaves of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ are more vivid. The sense of hierarchy is also more distinct. Of course, not only is the Samsung Galaxy S10+ scene optimizer 16 million pixels, but also the most powerful performance in the late camera optimization section. CommentbyMicrosoftOffice users: What does the scenario optimizer do? If it is not open, it should be the credit of the software algorithm.

Samsung GalaxyS10+ shooting

In addition, we also did a complex environment shooting, in the entire dimension of the picture changes, we can clearly see that the Samsung GalaxyS10+ has a higher degree of reduction of the subject, while the iPhoneXSMAX has a smaller amount of light because of the lack of aperture. Make distant photographs difficult to distinguish. At the same time, in the white balance control of the sky, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ not only achieves the harmonious control of blue and white, but also performs better in terms of reduction.

Samsung GalaxyS10+ shooting

In terms of night scene shooting, the large aperture of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ completely defeated the iPhoneXSMAX. Most of the iPhoneXSMAX’s sample images were in a dark state. Even the billboards on both sides of the street lamp have lost their original color, turning the original yellow background into a black background. white. Such a photo, if you shoot some important scenes at night, it will inevitably lead to some wrong judgments.