BMW said that the electrification center of gravity is still plugging hybrid technology

According to foreign media reports, at the BMW Annual Conference in Munich, Germany, Chairman of the BMW Group, Kruger, reiterated the commitment of its brand in the electrification strategy, and said that in the promotion of the plan, the focus of research and development is still mainly on plug-in hybrid. On the power model.

Kruger mentioned: “The BMW car market is global, and we hope to provide flexible electrification products to serve different regions, because different markets are different in speed for accepting new energy products, and open technologies are better. Meet the wishes of customers.”

The “flexibility” of the BMW Group in its electrification strategy is reflected in the emphasis on plug-in hybrid systems. In order to prove that plug-in hybrid vehicles can better meet the long-term needs of users, BMW has done a pilot project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The results show that 90% of the owners will use pure electric mode to drive vehicles in the city, and travel long distances in the middle. The use of the hybrid mode, which fully demonstrates that the plug-in hybrid can bring long-term demand to the user.

Kruger also mentioned: “BMW has not given up the internal combustion engine, and will create a more energy-efficient engine in the future. In the electrification strategy, the technical routes of pure electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell are parallel, BMW Will not bet on a technical route.”