Comprehensive improvement inside and outside the new Land Rover discovery

Jaguar Land Rover officially released its medium-sized SUV, the official map of the new discovery of the gods. As a mid-term remodeling model, it adjusts the details of the body to make the overall look younger and more sporty. At the same time, it will also be equipped with a 48V micro-hybrid system, which will effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the new car. In addition, the new discovery is expected to be listed overseas this summer.

In terms of appearance, as a medium-term redesigned model, the new car has been adjusted more in the front of the car. For example, the black trim strip on the front grille edge is more inclined, so that the overall flat-panel inverted trapezoidal front grille is matched with the new LED front. The shape of the headlights makes the new car look younger and more stylish overall. At the same time, the fog light area on the lower side has a large size opening to become L-shaped, which is stronger than the current sports.

On the side of the body, the contours of the new and the current models are basically the same. In terms of the tail, the biggest change compared to the current one is the shape of the light group, and the overall becomes flatter, making the new car more in line with the current aesthetic. It is worth mentioning that the official cancellation of the two sides of the tail of the two decorative pieces, replaced by hidden exhaust, so that the overall look of the tail is more concise, not too cumbersome.

The interior has changed even more than the exterior. Specifically, the new car adopts the latest design style of the current family. The new three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and 10-inch central control LCD screen make the new car look younger and more stylish overall. At the same time, the central air-conditioning air outlet is moved to the top of the central control panel, and the front passenger’s front panel is shaped to make the overall layering richer. It is worth mentioning that the new car replaces the existing knob shifting mechanism with a conventional electronic shift lever.

In addition, the overall interior of the new car uses polyester microfibers similar to Alcantara, giving consumers a better touch. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide wireless charging, full LCD instrumentation, streaming rearview mirror, rear air conditioning air outlet, steering assist, self-administered cruise control, automatic emergency braking, driver status detector and electronic wristband (can pass Wear the bracelet to open the trunk and other operations). As a medium-sized SUV, its second-row seats offer a 40:20:40 ratio, which gives the new car a better ride.

The new Land Rover discovers that in addition to adopting a new design language in appearance and interior, the new Land Rover will also undergo a major upgrade in terms of power. In terms of power, the new car is powered by the existing Ingenium 2.0T engine, which has a maximum power of 249 hp (183 kW). A 48V electric light-mixing system will also be provided with a combined system with a maximum power of 301 hp (221 kW), effectively reducing the fuel consumption of the new car.