Huawei Mate30 and 30Pro are very different? Don’t say don’t know.

Today, let’s talk about two mobile phones of Huawei Mate series, Mate30 and Mate30 Pro. The release dates of these two mobile phones are the same. The price difference between these two mobile phones is not small. What is the price difference between these two parts?

The price of the Meta30 low is 3,988 yuan, the price of the Meta30Pro is 4,999 yuan, and the price is also more than 1,000 yuan. First look at the shape of the Meta30, intuitively speaking, his shape is still very secure, but the design of the front screen is very common in the smart phone, with the Kirin 990soc processor, it is worth mentioning that there is waterproof and dustproof function. Its battery capacity is 4200 mAh, both of them are equipped with 40W wired fast charging technology and 27w wireless fast charging technology, while the rear camera is 4 rounds. In terms of color value, its body color is quite fashionable. On the basis of the previous generation, Mate30 has risen by one level. The speed of cpu is obviously increased. It is up to 16 cores. The regular operation keys are all changed to touch screen operation. The 3D face payment is also very novel and sells well.

Mate30Rro looks no different in appearance, only the pixel of the camera is higher than the previous one, adding a movie lens and anti-shake system, built-in three-D depth camera, and also added a gesture sensor. The previous earpiece elimination is changed to the suspension magnetic sound, and with the ISP’s blessing, he also has his strong anti-noise ability, especially his slow-motion camera processing uses lens blur to make a beautiful movie, on the screen. Mate30Pro uses a waterfall screen, which is almost the same as no border.

In Liu Haizhong, a very high security and confidentiality system has been set up, which greatly protects the privacy of users and becomes safer. The resolution is improved by 2k. The difference between these two mobile phones is not big, just a standard version. One is the high-end flagship version, Mate30Pro is obviously higher than Mate30 in terms of face value, and it is also a dual-mode phone supporting 5G.

It seems that the price of Mate30Pro is much higher than that of Mate30. Just like the old saying that a penny is worth the money, the performance of these Mate30Pro configurations is much higher than 1000 yuan, and Mate30 The price/performance ratio is also very high. Relatively speaking, Huawei is now the leader of domestic mobile phones. No matter which mobile phone is released, it is worthy of users. Its cost performance is high, and mobile phones are cheap and high. When users choose mobile phones, they must According to your own needs to choose the right, the performance of all aspects of the performance, is used for business office, play games, listen to music, or pursue the ultimate film and television effect.

Because the focus of each mobile phone is different, users should choose a mobile phone reasonably. Some mobile phones are very expensive. Some mobile phones are very cheap. The difference lies in its performance configuration. Mate30pro is a high-end flagship version, which is definitely better than the normal version. The netizen said that the difference between the two is not big. The appearance of Mate30pro is only optimized on the basis of Mate30. Do you think it is appropriate to buy Mate30 or buy Mate30Pro?