iPhoneXR gets started

In Apple’s September iPhone new product launch, iPhone XR is a product that is highly anticipated.

This is a product that differs from previous iPhones in many ways. It is not named after the flagship, but it is equipped with Apple’s strongest A12 bionic processor. There is no double camera like the iPhone XS, but it can also be used for background blur. Portrait mode photo; although it is not an OLED screen but an LCD material, it is also a full-screen design using Apple’s patented folding circuit design.

At the same time, iPhone XR also has the dual SIM card support function that iPhone XS does not have. It has 6 colorful back glass colors, and the price is much cheaper than the iPhone XS series. It is not as high as the iPhone XS which is close to 10,000 yuan. Climbing, the price starts from 6499 yuan.

On the eve of the release of the iPhone XR, the smart thing & the fruit of the first time to experience this new iPhone, together to see our discovery and feelings after the close contact with this first colorful, full-screen iPhone.

First, design & appearance: colorful body and aluminum alloy material

The biggest feature of iPhone XR is the colorful appearance. The colors of red, coral, yellow, blue, white and black are similar. The classics appear together with the small fresh ones. It can be seen that the color of the iPhone XR is intended to please the young user community. .

The body of the iPhone XR is made of aluminum alloy, which continues the classic rounded design of the iPhone before the iPhone X. The aluminum frame is also treated to the same color as the back glass.

Second, display & operation feel

The body size of the iPhone XR is between the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. From the visually most obvious difference, in height, it is about 7 mm higher than the iPhone XS and about 7 mm lower than the XS Max, which is more suitable for one-hand operation.

The border material does not have the warmth of the XS series of bright stainless steel, but the matte aluminum material has another skin-friendly comfort.

Visually, there is no obvious difference between the Liquid LCD screen of the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS series. Apple also calls this the iPhone’s best Liquid display to date.

Although this display does not support the 3D Touch function, it can still achieve the operation feeling similar to 3D Touch under some specific functions, such as long-pressing the main screen and starting the flashlight and camera function, and long-pressing the control center to adjust more settings. There will be touch feedback when you press the operation, and the screen also supports the screen-off and wake-up.

But perhaps because of the LCD screen, the iPhone XR’s full screen border is wider than the iPhone XS series.

Third, the highlight function: structured light FaceID, dual card dual standby

The iPhone XR retains the structured light module, which is the original deep-sensing camera that supports Face ID. This also makes Face ID the standard for the new iPhone series. I believe that the new iPhone will not use fingerprint recognition.

In addition, one of the features that iPhone XR can’t ignore is support for dual-card dual-standby function, and supports two physical SIM cards, which is very attractive to domestic users. It is used in the same way as iPhone XS Max, where SIM cards are placed separately. Both sides of Cato.

Fourth, take pictures: outsole & portrait mode

Photographing is still an iPhone core function that we are very concerned about. The iPhone XR has made its own compromises and won’t make concessions on key configurations. The compromise is that there is no double shot.

What’s more is the new larger image sensor, which makes the details richer. At the same time, the iPhone XR is also the first iPhone to achieve the portrait mode function through a single main camera, which means that the background can be blurred, thanks to the iPhone XR. The powerful AI computing power and algorithm of the A12 processor can realize the portrait blur effect similar to the iPhone XS series lens.

We took a sample of the iPhone XS Max on the spot. No matter the details or the control of the lens, it is basically the same, and the color performance is slightly different. The XS Max is more vivid.

Five, A12 processor & AR function experience

Apple’s latest A12 processor is one of the world’s strongest mobile phone processors. It has already played a role in FaceID and portrait camera mode. On the iPhone XR, we are more experienced in the performance of the processor through several AR related applications.

There are two examples, one is the AR Blast, which is similar to the stereoscopic music. After the iPhone XR scans a plane, you can hold the iPhone and play the color square elimination game against the real scene. It will also bring a completely different look and feel to the two-dimensional game screen.

The second example is a shopping application. When you buy a bicycle in this Purecycles online store, you can put the selected bicycle directly in the room and select a plane to display it. You can actually feel the car against the surrounding objects and people. The size of the car, whether the room can be put down, whether the size of the ride is too large, etc.


By simply launching the game before the release, we can feel that the launch of the iPhone XR is aimed at the old users of the iPhone 5, 6, 7, and 8 generations, attracting the core chips of these old users, that is, the price changes little. In the case, get more new technologies and new designs that Apple is carrying on the iPhone.

The top five are: a comprehensive screen with a better viewing angle, a faster A12 processor, a colorful optional color, a FaceID unlocking method that is more in line with the usage habits, and a dual card dual standby function that is popular among Chinese users.