Millet MIX3 with 10G memory worth looking forward to?

  1. 10G memory is no suspense, Xiaomi MIX3 is now pre-sale

As early as the end of August, the rendering of Xiaomi MIX3 has been unveiled and is scheduled to be held on October 25th. But before the press conference, the approximate picture of Xiaomi MIX3 has been officially presented by Xiaomi.

According to the official news released by Xiaomi, Xiaomi MIX 3 will adopt the “sliding full screen” design, which will slide the entire screen and hide the components such as the front camera and the earpiece under the screen. As for the parameters of the front camera, Xiaomi has confirmed that it will use 24 million front dual cameras.

In terms of hardware configuration, Xiaomi MIX3 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor without any accidents, and will store up to 10G, and will be the first to support 5G commercial network. Xiaomi MIX still has the burden of Xiaomi’s “show muscle” and “black technology”. At present, it has already started pre-sale in the e-commerce channel. Are you looking forward to this Xiaomi flagship?

  1. Samsung’s first four-camera phone, A9S Bank version will be released

On October 11th, Samsung released the Galaxy A9 (2018) mobile phone overseas, which won the title of “the world’s first rear-mounted four-camera” mobile phone, and used a gradient color design to attract people’s attention. Soon, this phone will also land in the domestic market.

Recently, Samsung China officially announced that it will hold a new product launch conference in Xi’an on October 24th, welcoming the A9 (2018) national bank version, which will be renamed A9s. For configuration, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, 6/8 GB storage, and 6.3 吋 FHD+ full screen are used.

The biggest highlight of the Samsung A9s is still the rear four cameras, the rear four cameras are the main camera, telephoto camera, super wide-angle camera and depth camera. Covering wide-angle, depth of field blur, optical zoom, dark light shooting and other shooting games, it is called Almighty.