Once again, confirm that Xiaomi OV and other manufacturers use Hongmeng system, Google will immediately discontinue Android system.

Hongmeng and Ark are born in the brewing, how will domestic manufacturers such as Xiaomi OV face it? In fact, it still depends on Huawei itself. If Huawei’s new system is closed, it will naturally not matter what Xiaomi OV is. If it is an open source open system, then these two or two companies really need to consider how to face it. Huawei may prefer to close the system because it is easier to manage and only used for its own devices. It has better adaptability and stability. It can avoid fragmentation like Android. Can achieve performance like iOS.

In addition, the information disclosed by Hongmeng is a cross-platform system that supports terminals such as computers, televisions, tablets, smart wearers, and automobiles. If it is open to the outside world, there is too much content to be adapted. Not to mention the global terminal, it is the terminal equipment in the whole country. It is not difficult to be fully compatible. When the ecosystem is not fully established, the closed system will shrink in scope, but the stability will obviously be better and provide better performance. In the early stage, only users can have a good experience in order to gain the support of word of mouth or eco-vendors.

If Huawei really adopts the open source approach, then it is inevitable that these manufacturers of Xiaomi OV will have to take over. If you simply refuse it, it will make a lot of users feel that these two are not big enough and damage the word of mouth. After all, the current time is special, and Huawei is being completely blocked by the United States. Domestic manufacturers choose the opposite attitude, public opinion must be not conducive to these two, so it is very likely that Xiaomi and OV will support Huawei Hongmeng system on the surface.

But the actual situation may be difficult to say, Xiaomi OV is a direct competitor with Huawei after all, and Google has not given up the two. If you fully support Huawei system, Google will automatically break the Android system, its own interests are inevitable. Damaged. In addition, if you want to support the Huawei system, you need to do a lot of work in the early stage, technical docking, post-testing, etc. These are new costs, and who are the costs?

Therefore, when Xiaomi OV faces Hongmeng, at most, it is supported by some models of its own. When the mobile phone is shipped from the factory, it is still the Android system of its own home, but it may allow users to brush their own machines to install the Hongmeng system, or to have a certain adaptation. When the user installs and switches to Hongmeng, it can ensure the compatibility of the machine and can be used normally. But it is impossible for them to fully support Hongmeng.