Samsung makes the king blow up, 500 less than the iPhone, 128GB + Snapdragon processor855

I have to say that Samsung has been very sluggish in China for many years, especially in the position of consumers’ psychology. It has been turned from a former emperor to a third-line product, although the mass consumer psychology still feels that the Samsung mobile phone screen is clear enough. The texture is very good, but for most of the 95s and 00s, some of them are at the cost of trial and error. The Samsung Galaxy and note series are often very expensive. In this case, Samsung is struggling in China. Sales have not been able to break through, and Samsung itself seems to be a bit high-spirited. After all, people are still the world’s number one, so they are less likely to be seen by domestic netizens!

Nowadays, domestic Huawei and Xiaomi have grown up. In addition to the fact that the screen may not be as good as Samsung, all aspects have already completed the catch-up of Samsung. At this time, no one cares about Samsung to describe it. And maybe a lot of people are unbelievable. The Samsung mobile phone, which had nearly 20% share in China six years ago, is now out of the top 5% of the domestic market share, but Samsung is not making no effort. In the past six months, Samsung once said that it wants to return to the domestic market, and launched some cheap models to impact the market, such as Samsung A90, A60, A40 or hot-plated good.

However, the high-end mobile phone market, Apple iPhoneXR, Huawei P30 pro are selling well, but the flagship Samsung S10 series can not be sold, such as the Samsung S10e of this Snapdragon 855, now the price reduction is no one cares, Samsung S10e positioning is the benchmark iPhoneXR, but unfortunately the sales of the two mobile phones are vastly different. The Samsung S10e is the second flagship of the new Galaxy. In many respects, it has the strength to compete with the iPhoneXR. However, compared with the Samsung S10, it is not very good in some aspects. For example, this phone uses an excellent OLED screen, obviously can be equipped with screen fingerprint recognition, to use the side to unlock this way, perhaps Samsung is to distinguish the positioning relationship with the Samsung S10, but unfortunately still cause Tucao.

In addition, Samsung S10e’s screen resolution has been reduced to 1080p, although the screen display is still very high-definition, but it is not a small gap with the mainstream Samsung flagship, currently part of the niche Samsung loyal fans, the reason why they also buy Samsung The product is to enjoy Samsung’s screen service, so the shrinkage of the screen has caused everyone to have little enthusiasm for the Samsung S10e. In addition, the battery life of this phone is only 3100mah, and the battery life is not even better than that of Xiaomi 9 Well, and proud of the Samsung three-camera lens, this time finally DXOMark and Huawei P20 pro flat, but unfortunately in the Samsung S10e has castrated, double-lens lens is not a cutting edge.

In the end, Samsung still made a king bombing. This phone once fell 400 in the third party. Unfortunately, the Samsung S10e is still in a rout. Even after the price cut, it is still impossible to call the iPhoneXR, Huawei mate20 pro, etc., and now it is seen on third-party platforms, although It’s 500 less than the 128GB iPhoneXR today, but nobody cares about it, it’s the most miserable dragon 855, 400+ wireless charging +128GB. In fact, for consumers, a mobile phone is close to 5,000. A large extent will choose iPhoneXR, and the only Android mobile phone in China is Huawei P30 pro. Therefore, Samsung S10e may eventually fall to more than 3,000 to be really competitive. Do you think this Samsung S10e is worth starting? Leave a message to discuss!