Serious use of the true feeling of a week of red rice Note8 Pro, the only shortcomings confirmed

In the thousand yuan machine market, glory and red rice can be described as tit for tat, the forefoot glory launched a thousand yuan god machine glory 9X, with the flagship Kirin 810 processor main cost performance, and red rice launched red rice Note 8 Pro and Confrontation. Recently, I also got a red rice Note 8 Pro. After using it for a week or so, what value is he worth buying? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let me talk about my experience! advantage

After using the Red Rice Note 8 Pro, I feel that the biggest advantage is not the performance and the photo, but its color and feel. The Red Rice Note 8 Pro uses 3D four-curved glass. The glass back shell and the middle frame have rounded curved transitions, so even if the weight of the mobile phone is as high as 200g, it is still very gentle and fits in the palm of your hand. The gradient of ice jade, the texture of the red rice Note 8 Pro machine has reached the level of two thousand yuan.

Here again, a red rice Note 8 Pro is a more pleasing design. Because it uses rear fingerprint recognition, it makes the rear fingerprint very similar to the camera, and it is framed in a vertical frame. Turkic, cleverly solved the problem of ugly rear fingerprints. In addition, because the Red Rice Note 8 Pro adopts the design of 4500mAh large battery, its battery life is very strong, even better than the 7X processor’s glory 9X battery life, especially under the low load of daily use, red The life of the Meter 8 Pro can last for two days. And the 18W fast charge speed does not feel much faster than the glory 9X 10W, may be the reason for the battery to become bigger.

The red rice Note 8 Pro uses 6400W rear four-shot to achieve full focal length coverage, and the 6400W main camera uses 1/1.7-inch large CMOS, which can bring bright night scenes after four-in-one pixels. Can bring higher resolution, the author measured red rice Note 8 Pro is currently the best thousand yuan machine.

It is also worth mentioning that although the Red Meter Note 8 Pro is a thousand yuan machine, but some useful functions have been retained, such as infrared, 3.5mm headphone jack, NFC and so on. Disadvantage

After talking about the advantages, let’s talk about the shortcomings. First of all, the biggest disadvantage is that the front side does not use the real full screen solution. I used the real full screen and then watched the red rice Note 8 Pro’s forehead droplets. There are some awkward and uncomfortable feelings. of. Why isn’t there a lift-style full-screen? The author guessed that it may be because the fever of MediaTek G90T has to make a large battery in order to ensure the battery life, so the weight and thickness of the mobile phone become larger, there is no space and weight to do the lifting module.

Let’s talk about the performance of MediaTek G90T. Its performance is similar to that of the Snapdragon 730. Although it is not as strong as the Kirin 810, it is also the mainstream level of this price. In theory, the king and the chicken are all running in full frame. However, due to the 12nm process, its fever is more serious than the glory 9X. Therefore, when the chicken is eaten, the frequency will be reduced due to fever, resulting in large fluctuations in frame rate, and the overall performance is not as good as glory 9X.