What does Mate, Note, Pro, and Max mean in mobile phone naming?

If you use a word to describe the mobile phone market in the past two years, it must be boring. If you use a sentence to describe it, it is boring and varied. Boring refers to the high degree of overlap in design. It is a variety of naming methods. When you read news and brush information, you often see products with Mate, Note, Pro, Max and other suffixes. It is really dazzling, they represent What do you mean?

Mate represents the brand: Huawei

Most of the name Mate appears in Huawei mobile phones. It translates into Chinese meaning “partner” and “assistant”. Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life, so in a sense, mobile phones do Acted as a “partner”.

Note represents the brand: Samsung

Note, Chinese interpretation is a notebook, in the field of consumer electronics, Note is often regarded as synonymous with [big screen], [business]. The most representative one is the Samsung Note series mobile phone, “Phone? Table? It’s Galaxy Note”, this is Samsung’s first-generation Note flagship slogan. In the past nine years, Galaxy Note is no longer the “face artifact” of consumers. , but it still represents the highest level of the Android camp.

Pro stands for brand: basically have


Pro is a recent hot word. After all, the two brands that are most concerned about in the mobile phone circle have recently launched products with [Pro], such as iPhone 11 Pro and Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Pro’s English is called Professional, and translation into Chinese is professional. In fact, [Pro] is not a new term. It has been used by Meizu and LeTV. In mobile phone products, the suffix with [Pro] is usually a high version.

Plus&Max represents the brand: Apple, millet

Plus everyone should be very familiar with it, since the iPhone 6 is widely used, Chinese means “plus, big”, suffix with Plus mobile phone, generally refers to a larger size, such as iPhone 6 Plus, Xiaomi 5 Plus and many more. Max also has the meaning of “big”, which usually means a bigger screen and longer battery life. It is rare in the current mobile phone market.

MIX stands for brand: Xiaomi