What is the best place to put South Korea’s Samsung in China? After reading the answer, the netizen said: This is the case.

Remember what was the first mobile phone brand you used? I believe that many people’s first mobile phone may be Nokia, and there is a mobile phone that most people have used, that is Samsung. Samsung is also a mobile phone that we often use. In the early years, we successfully seized the market. So many netizens can’t help but ask, if South Korea’s Samsung is placed in China, will it be ranked first?

First of all, Samsung can be regarded as the largest multinational group in Korea, and is also a listed company in the world’s top 500. It has a wide range of activities, mainly including many subordinate enterprises, and its business involves many fields such as electronics and machinery. It seems that Samsung is not only doing mobile phones, but all aspects of development.

At the same time, it is still a family business. The Samsung Group is hereditary by the Li family and is managed by the main members of the family. It has now reached the third generation of Li Jianxi. In fact, there are so many family businesses in Korea that Korean dramas can be seen. However, most Chinese companies are operated by wise men.

In 2017, Samsung’s annual revenue was 300 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 2 trillion yuan. The huge number accounts for 20% of Korea’s total GDP, so Samsung’s importance to South Korea is extraordinary. In the double eleventh period, China has created more than 200 billion yuan in revenue a day, so South Korea’s Samsung ranking may not be as good as South Korea.