Nokia’s turnaround, aluminum alloy + 64 million three photos, Huawei mate30 usher in a new rival

On September 19th, the Huawei Mate 30 series was officially released. With the launch of Huawei’s new machine, it attracted the attention of many consumers. However, recently, foreign media exposed a new Nokia machine. According to the information of the broke news, the aircraft will be greatly improved in all aspects, perhaps Nokia’s turnaround. Although Nokia is an old brand, it has not achieved excellent results in the field of smart phones. However, with Nokia’s technology, it is only necessary to find the right direction, which will certainly bring different surprises to consumers.

According to the information of the news, Nokia’s new machine will be equipped with a 6.6-inch high-definition display, using Samsung’s OLED screen, the screen’s pixel density can reach 512ppi, definitely give consumers a great visual experience. In addition, Nokia’s new machine will adopt a new lifting lens design, the front lens is located in the upper right corner of the screen, occupying a very small position. Nokia’s new machine will be equipped with on-screen fingerprint recognition technology to facilitate the user’s unlocking experience.

In terms of hardware configuration, Nokia’s new machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 855 plus processor, integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G baseband, equipped with 8GB + 128GB minimum storage space, and with external memory expansion. The hardware configuration of Nokia’s new machine is basically the level of the current flagship machine. Unfortunately, the new Nokia machine will be equipped with the Android native system, which may not perform well in terms of fluency.

In terms of camera capabilities, Nokia’s new machine is equipped with 25 million pixels in front and supports the new AI beauty technology, ensuring that users can take photos comparable to beauty cameras without using any beauty software. The rear lens is a 64 million + 12 million + 12 million pixel lens, coupled with Nokia’s proprietary pure-view technology, so that it can also shoot excellent film in the dark. The point is that the shooting effect of Nokia’s new machine is definitely not worse than Huawei’s Mate 30.

Overall, Nokia’s new machine is definitely a powerful model with comprehensive strength. It has already belonged to the top level of the industry in hardware configuration and software design, and will definitely not be worse than Huawei Mate 30. If Nokia’s new machine is really the same as the above information, I believe that once this phone is released, Huawei Mate 30 will usher in a new rival.