Spike 99% of the models Tesla concept bikes exposed!

It is estimated that everyone is familiar with Tesla electric cars. You have seen them on the street more or less, but have you seen Tesla electric bicycles?

A few days ago, Tesla released a concept electric bicycle. This bicycle was developed and designed by designer Kendall Toerner. Its name is MODEL-B. It can make riding faster, safer and more convenient.

Different from the traditional bicycle structure, MODEL-B draws on the design of many cars, so it looks more like a car. Many netizens said that this model is really Tesla.

The overall appearance of the bicycle is very simple and stylish. The wire spokes on the wheels are replaced by 3 shock absorbers, which help to keep the riding stable and comfortable. In addition, both wheels are equipped with their own dedicated motors. It can be driven at the same time to form a two-wheel drive system.

In addition, the frame of the electric bicycle integrates folding foot pads and handlebars. The handlebar also has a very user-friendly design. It is not only able to rotate in a specific direction, but has a detection power that allows you to rotate it from different sides.

It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with a slender LCD screen that can display driving information in real time, including speed and time, and navigation.

Of course, the biggest difference between Tesla MODEL-B and traditional bicycles is that it can realize automatic driving.

The equipped autopilot allows the bicycle to have its own mind. It uses multiple sensors on its frame as its eyes. Lidar sensors are installed on the front, side and rear to scan the surrounding environment, such as road conditions and surrounding environment. To control the bicycle to drive safely.

Has MODEL-B attracted you, but the electric bike is still in the concept stage. As for the price, who can guess it?