Core i9-9900K hits a new low price in history

Ntel launched the nine-generation Core processor last year. The flagship Core i9-9900K not only has 8 cores and 16 threads, but also the single-core and dual-core acceleration frequencies have reached 5.0GHz. This still has no processor to surpass, just because this Intel still It is still the best game processor after a year of release.

Because of this performance advantage, the price of the Core i9-9900K has also been strong. It has remained above $500 for the past year. It was once released at $582, and the most recent price was $495.

However, the price of the US-based Core i9-9900K has dropped to US$475, which is the historical low price of the Core i9-9900K. It is also true from the US-based price tracking.

It is unclear whether this is a temporary price cut promotion or a permanent price cut, but this price decline is a good opportunity for I to start.

After the price cut of 25 dollars, the price of the Core i9-9900K is also widened with AMD’s current flagship Ruilong 9 3900X processor. Although the price of the latter is also 499 US dollars, the actual price is still due to continuous shortage. It reached $565, and the US egg reached $580.

The current situation means that the price of AMD and Intel’s flagship processors has also been upside down. AMD processors are being sought after and prices are rising. Intel processor price reductions are rare.