Huawei nova 5 Pro real machine map tour: only for young fashion, to understand it!

On June 21, Huawei officially released the new nova 5 series in Wuhan, and launched three versions including nova 5i, nova 5, and nova 5 Pro. The main photo experience, the portrait super night scene can be very shocking, this is also the nova series mobile phones of all ages. The most powerful phone in the camera.

As a series specially designed for young people, Huawei nova 5 Pro inherits the high value design of the nova series, first of all, the attractive color on the back of the phone. This time, Huawei adopted the 3D carved texture process. The three elements of light, shadow, colorful and space are superimposed on each other. Therefore, the mobile phone can produce multi-dimensional fantasy visual effects on the extremely thin diaphragm.

Under the light and shadow, the images in the real world reflect, and a quiet and pure color presents the unique beauty of the third space. This is a visual impact that nova 5 Pro brings.

Taking into account the unique aesthetics of young people, Huawei nova 5 Pro has also added a coral orange color, which is the 2019 color released by the color authority Pantone. Huawei, which has always been flexible in color, will not miss this coral orange.

Unlike ordinary orange, this coral orange is close to red, not so bright red, but full of youthful vitality, so I think that this color is full of youthful vitality, more suitable for the young users of the nova series.

The appearance of Huawei nova 5 Pro adopts the very mainstream mirror back shell + metal middle frame design. The front side is a 6.39-inch OLED water drop screen, which guarantees a screen ratio of up to 91%, and retains the practicality. The front camera, at the same time, the convenient screen fingerprint is also hidden under the screen.

The lightweight body of the mobile phone can also capture a group of female users. The Huawei nova 5 Pro has a screen size of 6.39 inches, weighs only 171 grams, and its thickness is only 7.33 mm. It is used in many high-end flagship machines today, and its portability is It is second to none, and it is more suitable for women to grow out and carry long-term use.

In addition, in addition to coral orange, Huawei nova 5 Pro also has a new and beautifully-decorated desolation forest, a romantic midsummer purple, and a deep black and bright black. At the same time, popular idols are easy to marry and long-legged school goddess Guan Xiaotong Still the global spokesperson of the nova series.

Seeing this, in terms of value, nova 5 Pro can be said to be a mobile phone that you want to hold it in your hand every day. In terms of the aesthetics of young consumers, I think it has been very successful, you think Does it look good? Comment on your opinion in the comment area!